200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training

The Circular, Continuous Flow of Nature and Life

2020-2021 YTT is currently underway ~ Contact Dawn with the form below if interested in future trainings

PranVerdana 200 hour YTT is an intimate program with an intentionally small number of students. Dawn Schroeder is the  Lead  Trainer.  It consists of 10 weekends over a 6  month period.  This is a Hatha Yoga training that includes study of Vinyasa and Kundalini in theory and practice.  This training is recognized by Yoga Alliance.

The underlying theme of this YTT is the circular, continuous flow of Nature and Life and  how  Yoga is  our platform to better understand ourselves and our purpose in relation to the Oneness of all things. The PranaVerdana YTT is about vibrant living, learning, and sharing through the  wisdom  of Yoga.  Dawn is committed to offering trainees an understanding of yoga that is authentic and balanced physically and spiritually. The program is “circular” in nature, meaning  topics are introduced while  instructing within  one category, then revisited and expanded on in its own category and other categories. This  allows students to build their understanding of yoga through repetition, theory, practice, and  different perspectives. An example: during Tadasana (mountain pose) instruction, the pose is  taught and the student experiences it physically. In a  concise, introductory way (effective  communication), anatomy of the  Spine and the Chakra system is also introduced while learning and experiencing the pose. This allows for  better understanding when the anatomy category and chakra category are taught in detail.

The 2020-21 YTT amid the pandemic is smaller and flexible. If you are curious about this training, submit the contact form below and we can set up a time to chat. All questions are valid and welcomed and can be submitted below or via chat. 

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Student Requirements for Completion


Student requirements for completion/graduation include:

  • attendance and active participation at all YTT weekends

  • tracking Sadhana with some journaling/comments

  • ​attending at least 1 Early Morning Sadhana

  • required assigned reading - includes some summaries and questions

  • attending, and brief summary of, 14 classes (2/month) outside of YTT classes

  • written assignment and sequence for a special population

  • written sequence and teaching practicum

  • self feedback and during other student’s practicums

  • teaching and summary/feedback of 3 classes outside of YTT

  • written experience summaries and reflections 

  • passing grade on quizzes and the final exam

Student Requirements for Completion

The PranaVerdana syllabus meets all the standards set by the Yoga Alliance which are:  100  hours of  Techniques, Training & Practice, 25 hours of Teaching Methodology, 20 hours of  Anatomy & Physiology, 30 hours of Yoga Philosophy, Life Style & Ethics, and 10 hours of  Practicum.

Students establish and maintain a daily spiritual practice (Sadhana) that is explorative in  nature. It is  not excessive or rigid, but creates awareness of what the student resonates with  and how Sadhana  sets a foundation for holding the space of a Teacher.

Acceptance to the training includes: completing the application, attending Dawn's Kundalini and Vinyasa class, scheduling an in-person conversation, paying the deposit up acceptance to secure your spot. Contact us here or below with any questions!



2020 - 21