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Inspirational Gatherings & Meaningful Experiences

PranaVerdana Retreats
Inspirational gatherings with an emphasis on stepping away from our everyday routines and into a supportive enviornment for renewal, elevation of spirit, balance, and wholeness. There is plenty of yoga and meditation, gatherings for connection and creativity, uplifting activities and time for reflection. Practice the ultimate in self-care and be with authentic people.

PranaVerdana Mindful Travel
Meaningful experiences that combine travel with great company and mindfulness. Yoga and meditation is infused into traveling near and far. Being in amazing places is always better when you have a wonderful group to share in the experience. These trips are planned and organized with heart-felt attention and intention.

Spring Renewal Retreat 2021
May 14, 12:00 PM
Hope Springs Institute
The Tuscany Experience - POSTPONED
Sep 11, 2020, 12:00 PM