Kundalini Shakti Yoga with Gong Savasana
This intuitive, non-dogmatic, uplifting practice consists of yoga and movements lead by pranayama/breathwork, and mindfulness. It combines many paths of yoga with focus on balancing the mind, body and soul. Each class is unique and awakens our potential and creates balance. The practice, meditation, and relaxation with the Gong are very clearing and deeply connects you with your own Truth. The gong is played during relaxation/savasana.

Flow Yoga ~ Vinyasa Yoga
     All Levels Flow Yoga

It is a fluid style of yoga combining breath and movement. Hatha yoga postures are weaved together and linked with Sun Salutations. These are All levels classes where students move at their own best pace and variations are offered. If Music is used, it is an appropriate mix of modern music and traditional mantra music infused with silence. 

     Slow Flow Yoga with Gong Savasana

A slow fluid class with fewer Sun Salutations and more poses on the mat. This class is inspired by the chakras, breath, and sound. The gong is played during relaxation/savasana.

Early Morning Sadhana ~ Special Classes & Events 

These are not on-going classes as above, but special classes, workshops, and events with specific themes or topics đź’—

Yoga Classes & Events

     Kundalini Shakti Yoga 
     All Levels Flow Yoga 
    Slow Flow Yoga

are Open to Students of All Levels - Beginners to Experienced
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Upcoming Classes & Events

  • PranaVerdana Immersion Coming Soon
    Time is TBD
    PranaVerdana, Lakewood, OH, USA
    PranaVerdana Reconnecting Immersion - early Summer 2021