PranaVerdana Chakra & Kundalini Energy Yoga & The Gong
This uplifting practice consists of movements lead by pranayama/breathwork, and meditations. It is a combination of physical movements and postures, breath work including Agni or Fire breath, meditation, mantras/chanting, mudras/gestures, focused attention and visualization to balance the mind, body and soul. Each class works to align and open the chakras so the qualities of these energy centers are available to us in a balanced way. Combined with mantra, meditation, relaxation and the Gong, every class is unique and very clearing. The experience of this practice deeply connects you to your True Identity.  Yoga and meditation are potent tools to help us not only survive in the modern world, but to thrive in the modern world. The gong is played during relaxation/savasana.

Flow Yoga is Vinyasa Yoga

It is a fluid style of yoga combining breath and movement. Hatha yoga postures are weaved together and linked with Sun Salutations. These are All levels classes where students move at their own best pace and variations are offered. The temperature for warm classes is 82 degrees. Hands on assists are given; students are given the choice at every class to decline assists. Music is an appropriate mix of modern music and traditional mantra music infused with silence.
Early Morning Sadhana

Sadhana is a community practice done in the early morning amrit vela. It includes yoga practice and chanting.  Tea & a light breakfast.

Events and Special classes

These are offerings in addition to our on-going classes. The descriptions, details, and location are listed in the registration box. 

Yoga Classes & Events

PranaVerdana Chakra & Kundalini Energy Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga and Early Morning Sadhana are Open to Students of All Levels - Beginners to Experienced
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Upcoming Classes & Events
The Tuscany Experience - POSTPONED
Fri, Sep 11
Sep 11, 12:00 PM – Sep 19, 12:00 PM
Tuscany, Tuscany, Italy
Not only is the destination of Tuscany truly amazing, but this trip is infused with daily yoga, mindfulness, and great company. Everything about this trip is intentional.
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