The Inspiration and Identity of PranaVerdana

Updated: Mar 13, 2020

PranaVerdana is our name for vibrant living. It provides an identity for what I (now we) do.

The Verdana part of our name has been around in our heads for quite a few years. We

actually had the domain name and kept it current without using it for a long time. It was close,

but not exactly what I wanted. Not to mention, it is also the name of a common font. I

instinctually held on to it. I like the way it sounds. Not surprising since I love Mantras,

especially those where the tip of the tongue hits the roof of the mouth. The “dana,” with it’s roll

of the sound is very pleasing to me.

In my mind, Verdana creates an image of a lush, super green verdant garden with lots of plants and vines expanding and reaching out in all directions.

Entrance to the Schroasis 2020

This feels like life force flowing - very much like our 72,000 nadis, the pathways for our prana.


I believe everything is connected and energetically vibrates in degrees or frequencies of aliveness. Without delving into the conversation about levels of consciousness and reincarnation, everything is energy. Keeping our pranic energy flowing keeps our spark, or aliveness, vibrant. Understanding and being wise about the pranic quality of what we allow “in” is key. Think of the concept of Prana as being both infinite and finite - Prana & prana.

The power of Prana is the life force energy that moves the flow of consciousness itself, the

kundalini, and our individual breath. We build our finite prana by drawing in good, vibrant

energy through consciously and mindfully “taking in” what support us. Healthy food, water,

spiritual practices including yoga and meditation, relationships, and very importantly

community - who we surround ourselves with. Deepening our yoga and meditation practice

creates unity with the oneness of all things and gives us an experience of the infinite Prana.

It finally became obvious to me that my Verdana fit perfectly with my awe of Prana. It is also

quite nice that they rhyme. :)

Changing Identity ~

My true identity, called Sat Nam, has always been with me and will be with me always. Our

human identity or consciousness changes and moves through cycles every 7 years. I founded

Sat Nam Cleveland in 2011 and it was there that I stepped firmly into sharing Kundalini Yoga & Meditation and establishing community. I later founded PranaVerdana as a broader platform as I began offering teacher trainings, retreats, events, immersions, and deeper private client wellness services. For the last several years, the two existed side by side, Sat Nam Cleveland focusing on Kundalini yoga and PranaVerdana focusing on everything else. I am at a marvelous phase in my life of integration, deep meditation, following intuition, and sharing experiences.

There is no need for duality or a division between what I offer, so I chose to leave Sat Nam

Cleveland in the last decade and expand FULLY into the Identity of PranaVerdana. I am more

comfortable with who I am then I have ever been in my life. I am thrilled with the NEW LOOK

and INSPIRED FEEL that also includes my husband Mark!!! Change is ever occurring and we

embrace this vibrant changing Identity of PranaVerdana.

PranaVerdana may be hard to say and remember at first, but once you understand and

experience the concept, we hope it creates curiosity, is an invitation to engage with us in

activities that build prana to enhance your vibrant life. I created this name and logo and like the way it captures fluidness and is open-ended.

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