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Updated: Feb 25, 2020

PranaVerdana is the vehicle for sharing this passion. I believe we are all seekers and the

universe puts us together to support each other, grow, and enjoy life. Life is an ever-changing

accumulation of experiences. I share intentional offerings that create rich, uplifting, and

impactful experiences to encourage growth, expansion, and wholeness. We can expand

gratitude, abundance, and unity as we ride the wave of challenges and adversities to fulfill our

birthright of Happiness.

Lessons along with practicing and studying yoga, meditation, sound, energy work, and conscious communication are some of the tools I share through PranaVerdana. For years I felt the need to “learn more” to be qualified to teach and heal. I now embrace the gift with maturity that shifted knowledge into wisdom. I have grown comfortable with who I am and what I offer.

My students and clients know I “Tune In” and allow the Infinite Radiance to flow through me. The PranaVerdana community is supportive and bright. Together we are an energetic, vibrant circle.

My Dharma (purpose) is now about connection and sharing my wisdom and intuition. Clarity in my purpose led to the creation of PranaVerdana to host a variety of offerings. I facilitate classes, workshops, immersions, events, retreats, CE trainings, and 200 hr. Yoga Teacher Trainings. I love to work privately, one-on-one, with clients through Prescriptive Living. PranaVerdana mindful travels and retreats are testament to manifesting vision.

More About me…

I’m a Virgo. My Soul number is 5 - that of a teacher.

I was a Bond Futures Broker for 10 years in Chicago before we moved to Lakewood, OH to

slow down our lifestyle. I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, gardener, and nature lover. I also like to be creative and to cook. I understand recovery, as addiction and mental illness are part of our family genetics on both sides. Thankfully, I am also an experienced yoga teacher of over 20 years and have been actively practicing longer.

Teaching hatha, vinyasa, and kundalini yoga set my foundation. Kundalini Yoga specifically

carried me through the most challenging times of my adult life. Yoga and Meditation have

served me well as I navigate and embrace living a vibrant life. I am an E-500 RYT, YACEP, and have a Registered Yoga School-RYS. I am a KRI Kundalini Yoga Teacher and continue to train in level two, and completed 21 Stages of Meditation. Other certified trainings include: Advanced Chakra Yoga Teacher Training, YogaEd Training, and Lotus Palm Thai Yoga Massage Trainings. I am a Polarity Practitioner, sound and gong enthusiast, and explore Ayurveda, reflexology, energy work, stones and crystals, and essential oils. I am and will always be an active student of yoga and other holistic practices.

One more thing about me…

I’m and introvert so it is challenging to write and share anything about me. Luckily, I am

married to an extrovert so he will always share about what we do and offer! 

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