begins on Fall Equinox for 40 days | Where ever you are

Fall Meditation Sadhana

Group Meditation Sadhana begins on Fall Equinox
Fall Meditation Sadhana

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begins on Fall Equinox for 40 days
Where ever you are, presence

About the Event

Join in our group Fall Meditation Sadhana!

Sadhana is simply our daily connection with our spiritual practice. When we intentionally practice the same meditation together we amplify our effort and embrace the group energy for support and elevation.

The change of the seasons is an especially potent time to practice this meditation that represents the continuous cycle of nature - or change. Yoga tells us to recognize and move with, rather than against, change.  Open to the fluidness, beauty, strength, momentum, continuity, and intimate connection of the universe flowing through us. 

These Bija (Sanskrit for seed) sounds are found in all languages and represent the yogic cycle of nature (prakriti). Bija sounds are simple, yet potent in vibration and essence. Mantra is so powerful on many levels - including keeping the mind focused, or staying fully preset "in" your meditation. This meditation has been in the air waves now for decades and versions have found their way into the mainstream from focus techniques for children to in depth scientific medical study for Alzheimers. Yoga evolving in plain sight! 



Early morning meditation is ideal, but do it when it fits your schedule best. 

Sit comfortably on a meditation cushion or strait back chair so the spine is lengthening upward. 

Relax your shoulders and face.

Eyes closed with an inner focus between the eyebrows (Ajna chakra), or creating flow inward through the crown of the head (Sahasara Chakra) out the brow point (Ajna) , or in a circular fashion.

Focus first on the individual sound - then embrace the intended essence of our created meanings for the sounds and the circular effect as they are combined. The layers or depth of the meditation comes with time and practice :) Practice Patience - Even short practices, unrefined beginner meditations, and meditation with focus challenges are beneficial! Just do it, then do it again the next day.


              SA - existence, infinity

              TA - birth, life

              NA - transition, death

              MA - rebirth

         The combined 4 sounds is one round

         Chant on the exhale

There are different ways to use this mantra. If you are familiar with it done a specific way, practice what is most comfortable for you. 

Options -

As a multi-sensory experience - finger press mudra while chanting:

     press index fingertip to thumb on SA, middle fingertip to thumb on TA, ring fingertip to thumb on NA, pinky fingertip to thumb on MA

     chant -  aloud, whisper, silent, silent, whisper, aloud each for 2, 3, 4, or 5 minutes (2mins = 12mins total, 3mins = 18mins total, 4mins = 24mins total, 5mins = 30mins total)

As a mala meditation - one round (SA TA NA MA) per bead = 108 rounds

Combined with Pranayama 

     with long deep breathing - inhale, mentally chant one round  then exhale, mentally chant one round

     with segmented breathing - 4 part inhale and 4 part exhale - one sound per segment/sniff

We'll practice various versions of this mantra in Saturday class through October.

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