Dawn Schroeder 

Dawn is the founder of PranaVerdana, Sat Nam Cleveland (predecessor of PranaVerdana), PranaVerdana Yoga School - RYS, and long time teacher at Inner Bliss Yoga Studios.

I believe in Vibrant Living!

PranaVerdana is the vehicle for sharing this passion. I believe we are all seekers and the
universe puts us together to support each other, grow, and enjoy life. Life is an ever-changing accumulation of experiences. I share intentional offerings that create rich, uplifting, and impactful experiences to encourage growth, expansion, and wholeness. We can expand gratitude, abundance, and unity as we ride the wave of challenges and adversities to fulfill our birthright of Happiness.

Mark Schroeder ~ Hari Har

You could say I’ve been immersed in Yoga from an early age.  My mother, Marylou Spence Schroeder, was a pioneering teacher of Hatha Yoga in Cleveland in the 1970’s and 1980’s owning and teaching at several studios in Lakewood and North Olmsted.  Yet, I came to study and teach Yoga later in life. 


My wife, Dawn Schroeder, a master Vinyasa and Kundalini yoga teacher, invited me to come with her as she attended Jai Dev Singh’s Radiant Body Immersion.  It was there in Northern California in September 2016 that I had my first Kundalini Experience.  Immersed in the beauty of the Sierra Nevada foothills, gathered with a group of like minded souls, serenaded by live music from Simrit and her band, I breathed, moved and chanted.  And heard, “Welcome Home”.  A voice within that had always been there, but never listened to.  It was a profound moment that fundamentally changed the trajectory of my life and career.

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Introducing PranaVerdana

A Personalized Approach

Learning is easier than ever with PranaVerdana. Users customize their learning process. Our goal is to support your growth with not just information, but wisdom. Our intention is to create a personalized path that feels both individual and unified with our community.  Work directly with Dawn through Prescriptive Living, on your own with courses and classes, or a combination of both.  We are not about slick production and editing, we are about REAL sessions that makes you feel like you are part of our community.